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Oman Commercial Arbitration Centre (OAC) in Muscat and Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London sign agreement of cooperation

Oman Commercial Arbitration Centre (OAC) in Muscat and Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London sign agreement of cooperation

The OAC of Oman and CEDR, headquartered in the United Kingdom have announced an intention to develop research and education cooperation and facilitate exchanges between professionals involved in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) programs, and specifically in mediation, facilitation and negotiation processes.

OAC was established by Royal Decree as an independent legal entity with administrative and financial autonomy in its operations. The OAC aims to provide an institutional mechanism to ensure the expeditious, cost effective and totally neutral administration of arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR to local, regional and international parties. The Centre also offers state-of-the-art virtual and physical hearing facilities from its modern premises located in the heart of Muscat’s legal centre.

CEDR has been promoting and shaping the use of ADR in commercial disputes in Europe and around the world for over 30 years. It is the largest independent conflict management and resolution consultancy in the world and offers internationally recognised accreditation and training for mediators and provides access to expertise in a range of commercial problem-solving disciplines to resolve differences and conflict in business.

A key first step is that OAC has partnered exclusively with CEDR to offer high quality mediation skills training to a new generation of mediators within Oman as well as the wider region, ensuring that those with commercial disputes in the jurisdiction can be confident in using the mediation process. The first training programmes are due to take place over six days between 14 and 21 June 2022.

The six-day course offers participants the opportunity to develop the knowledge of the skills and process to be an effective mediator. Successful participants will be entitled to the world-recognised CEDR Accreditation, awarded to over 7000 mediators globally. The training will be offered at OAC in both Arabic and English, delivered by a mix of international mediators and, in due course, it is hoped by Omani CEDR-trained faculty. The first course in June will be in Arabic.

Other possible areas for cooperation include the exchanges of different ideas and experiences of teaching and professional training activities, collaboration on educational events, cooperation over publications and translations in the ADR Field; delivery of mediation training for law firms and local businesses and the working towards establishing a sustainable Mediator Panel with Oman as a commercial mediation hub in the region.

Dr Moosa Salim Al Azri, Chief Executive Officer of OAC, commented: “This is another strategic success of the OAC in supporting the further development of Omani practitioners with world class ADR skills training. Our international partnership and exchange of experiences are essential for the promotion and development of effective, non-judicial methods of commercial conflict resolution. CEDR will be a valuable international partner for OAC and the wider region that we serve.”

Susanne Schuler, CEDR Director said: “It is with pleasure that CEDR is now working with OAC. CEDR’s experience of helping introducing mediation and other forms of ADR in many jurisdictions around the world demonstrates the importance of mediation as a mechanism to help businesses stay in control their disputes and, more generally, as a means to establish confidence for foreign investors. The global nature of business also means that contracts are increasingly seeing mediation included within their dispute provisions. The use of Mediation, therefore, is not a trend but a business reality.”


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