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Request For Arbitration

How to file a Request for Arbitration

  • A Party wishing to commence arbitration under these Rules shall submit its Request for Arbitration to the Registrar. The Registrar shall notify the Respondent of the receipt of the Request for Arbitration and the date of such receipt. The Request for Arbitration shall contain the following information:
    • a. Demand that the dispute be referred to arbitration;
    • b. The names, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers and electronic mail addresses, if known, of the Parties to the arbitration and of the Claimants representatives, if any;
    • c. Reference to the arbitration agreement invoked and a copy of the arbitration agreement;
      d. Reference to the contract or other instrument out of or in relation to which the dispute arises and, where possible, a copy of the contract or other instrument;
    • e. Brief statement describing the nature and circumstances of the dispute, specifying the relief claimed and, where possible, an initial quantification of the claim amount;
    • f. Statement of any matters which the Parties have previously agreed as to the conduct of the arbitration or with respect to which the Claimant wishes to make a proposal;
      g. Proposal for the number of arbitrators if not specified in the arbitration agreement;
    • h. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, the nomination of an arbitrator if the arbitration agreement provides for three arbitrators, or a proposal for a sole arbitrator if the arbitration agreement provides for a sole arbitrator;
      i. Any comment as to the applicable law;
    • j. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, proposal as to the language of the arbitration and seat of the arbitration; and
    • k. Payment of the requisite registration fee under these Rules.
  • The date of receipt by the Registrar of the complete Request for Arbitration shall be deemed as the date upon which the arbitration has commenced for all purposes.
  • The Executive Committee shall decide not to proceed with the arbitral proceedings if the Center manifestly lacks jurisdiction over the dispute.

Request For Arbitration Form

Claimant Representative
Respondent Representative