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CEDR Program

Oman Commercial Arbitration Centre, in cooperation with the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution in the United Kingdom (CEDR), is pleased to present a training program on effective mediation skills in commercial disputes in the Sultanate of Oman. The participants will be assessed in the CEDR Accreditation, recognised internationally for its standard in excellence in mediators. The programme will take on a practical approach that will exhibit the latest concepts in mediation.




The Training Programme


The Mediation Handbook
Participants will receive a Handbook from the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution
Day 1
Teaching & Practice Day
On this day, the participants will learn about the process, key skills, and theory of the early stages of mediation. The sessions will look into: the phases of mediation, how to prepare for a mediation, mediator openings, what and how to explore, managing their emotions, and active listening skills. 
Day 2 
Teaching & Practice Day
On this day, the participants will learn about the process, key skills, and theory of the later phases of mediation; bargaining and concluding. The sessions will look into: negotiation skills, managing offers, reality testing, dealing with deadlock, and ethics. 
Day 3
Coaching & Practice Day
Participants will be split into groups and will be told to mediate a case throughout the day. They will then receive coaching and one-to-one feedback from their trainer. 
Day 4
1st Assessment Day
This will be a practical assessment; all participants will mediate once and receive feedback from the trainer. All the cases will focus on incorporating what was previously taught about the earlier phases of mediation. 
Day 5
2nd Assessment Day
This will also be a practical assessment; all participants will mediate once and receive feedback from the trainer. Participants will look into three cases, each of which will focus on the middle and later phases of mediation as was taught in the programme. 
After the Programme
Written Evaluation
Provide two written evaluations for participants two weeks after the course.


The Programme Targets Professionals:

    • Dispute Resolution
    • Commercial, public, and voluntary sectors
    • Law, accounting, and consulting
    • Human resources and civil society organizations
    • Health care and education
    • Developing Dispute Resolution systems


“An intensive Training Program presented by highly qualified Tutors”

United Kingdom Ministry of Justice


    • International competence: members of the training and mediation staff of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)
    • Mediation experts: International experience in best practices in mediation skills and techniques, and specialist in providing training courses.
    • Intensive Training and Practical Assessment: A practical training program that provides an individual training opportunity for participants.
    • Ongoing education and support: Developing participants’ skills, transferring knowledge, and benefiting from the introductory content of CEDR.





Fehmi Rashid Karami

    • An arbitrator accredited by a number of local and international centres
    • A Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Arbitration
    • Training experience of more than 12 years in the field of mediation and dispute settlement
    • Mediator in several international and local disputes
    • Lawyer and owner of Rashid Fehmi Karami Law Firm and Legal Consultations.


Susanne Schuler

    • A qualified lawyer and accredited mediator who facilitated several mediations to constructive resolutions.
    • Training experience in negotiation techniques and mediation to over 3000 delegates from more than 30 different countries.
    • A member of CEDR’s executive team.

Dates: 6 December 2023 to 11 December 2023

Price: 1800 Omani Rials

Time: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Venue: Oman Commercial Arbitration Centre (Muscat – Aziba)

Language of the Programme: English

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