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Mediation Training

CEDR-Accredited Mediator Skills Training


CEDR’s Mediator Skills Training is a five-day programme covering the skills you need to mediate commercial disputes effectively. The course includes an assessment for CEDR Accreditation, internationally recognised as the standard of excellence for mediators.

Practical approach reflecting latest thinking

Our Mediator Skills Training is about more than just becoming a mediator. It gives you a skillset to make a difference in everything you do – professionally and personally. As the most experienced body of mediation trainers in the world, CEDR trainers are mediation practitioners and experts in adult learning, ensuring an interactive and engaging course throughout.

Format: In-person

Accreditation: CEDR

Our Course Curriculum

Pre- course

Mediation Handbook and Simulator

Before you start the course, prepare by reading the CEDR handbook and practise mediating using CEDR’s unique online Mediation Simulator.

Day 1

Teaching & Practice Day

We start with theory, process, and key skills in the early phases of mediation. Sessions include phases of mediation, preparation, mediator opening, what and how to explore, active listening skills, and managing emotions.

Day 2

Teaching & Practice Day

This covers theory, process, and key skills in the later phases of mediation; bargaining and concluding. Sessions include: managing offers, negotiation skills, dealing with deadlock, reality testing, and ethics.

Day 3

Coaching & Practice Day

We mediate a case throughout the day in groups. Each participant receives extensive coaching, plus 1-2-1 feedback.

Day 4

1st Assessment Day

Practical assessment, with every participant mediating once and with more 1-2-1 feedback. Cases focus on the earlier phases of mediation.

Day 5

2nd Assessment Day

Practical assessment, with every participant, again mediating once and further 1-2-1 feedback. We look at three cases, focusing on the middle and later phases of mediation.

Dates and Prices

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